A Rainy day !!!

The sky gowned with foggy clouds,Not all dark or black , but loud ;
The grayness that obscures the sun ,
Makes the breeze chill , and that’s the fun !!!

Float in the air, seem to have wings;
gets mightier with time, as they swing,
Carries the pride away, before the fall;
Signifies humbleness and modesty , above all;;

Earth wears a blanket, clammy and damp,
A soothing drizzle keeps the calm,
Slippery and dank, the passers-by woe,
The photographer ‘s lens hope a rainbow ;;

“Rainy days” been topics to painters and poets,
Around the world, across continents,
The drops of blessings and songs to movies ,
Showery themes , dancing around trees!!!

Children with the umbrellas and coats, utmost fun,
Paper boats , muddy puddles and what none!
Kids happy for the ” rainy days off” ,
If thunders and school bells ring along !!!

The spells of magic , as they cast,
Answers the farmer’s honest prayer,
Emanates the cologne of his sweat ,
The petrichor smells sweeter , as it gets wet !

A snare for the foodies , as the day passes,
Wait for evenings with the tea and fries ;
Green is then the color , ripples in the lakes, round and round ;
Fragrance of the newly blooms embalms, all around !!!!


Timeframe of CHANGE! !??!!

The change implies continuity .When certain norms or practices are modified , we use the term ‘ change’ .. Does’ change ‘ has any timeframe ?? How long is change expected to take ?? The change can be good or bad , desirable or undesirable, progressive or degressive and could be beneficial or derogatory. Now, how could we determine it and how long would it take for the ‘ real change ‘ !! Definitely, the dimensions with which we could measure ‘change ‘ would depend on ideals , nature , present prevailing socio-politico- economic-religious scenario.
The ‘ status of women’ is one of those critical milestones our society has been striving to achieve .We have seen exemplary icons of reform and social changes like Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Annie Besant etc … whose preaching and efforts brought an end to many social evils like sati system etc ; sociologists have made detailed studies and have formulated various theories on the direction of change , factors of change and areas of change . But the same society has been facing heinous acts of crime , rapes , emane foeticide, female molestations , dowry deaths, domestic violence against women, workplace discriminations and partiality in each and every aspect .

A girl struggles for her own birth , her own rights , her own independence, her self-esteem , struggles to prove her own choices …. why ?? How long will the change take ? How long will it take for our society to realize and practically practice status equality ?? When will girls be out of fear , when will they feel safe ?? When will the society stop staring at the length of their skirts and be judgemental about her character ? When a female child takes birth , the society doesn’t seem interested to celebrate, why ?? What are the social stereotypes that even differentiates a newborn ?? When a girl grows up , we want her to be cultured, well behaved and well mannered . By this , we actually mean that she should be quiet and accept every thing that comes her way, she cannot stand for herself, she cannot keep her words , she cannot speak up her heart, she cannot compete with boys of her age and has to limit herself to the limits set by the society . So basically being well groomed and well cultured means subservient submission. Why ??

When she tries to take up a profession, we have a catalogue from which she has to choose . She doesn’t get a nod for jobs that demand night shifts , long hours at office , jobs that demand adventure and courage . Her dreams don’t get the needed support. Who determines that ?? Why ?? Comes to marriage , the so- called marriageable age is predecided and followed by our society . A girl unmarried at the age of 30 is looked upon as a negative example , but why ?? How long will it take to change ? When will we understand that marriage is completely her deceision and her choice. …. In the marriage and having – kids arena, people don’t stop peeping into personal issues of the families also. When will we treat both the sexes same and stop praying for a boy child ?? When will we stop thinking that boys are all born great and can achieve anything in this world ??

There are workplace discriminations also which affects and demoralizes women . When the ability is not explored , when effort goes unrecognized or unrewarded , it’s obvious that a talented mind also gets discouraged. When it comes to sharing responsibilities at home , it’s always the duty of the lady of the house ! Why can’t men share it too ?? When will we accept that men can work at home too , they can share the household responsibilities and they can even take care of the kids ! ? When will the girl’s parents live with the same dignity, would have the same respect that is always enjoyed by a boy’s parents ?? When will a girl have the same right of say in the family , in the city, in the country ??

Books say ” The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world ” . History sets the examples of Rani Lakshmi Bai, Sarojini Naidu and Mother Teresa … but what’s the basis of the societal rules that are set ?? A girl feels unsecured to travel alone , parents get worried if she returns late because of the numerous heinous incidents that occur frequently . How long will it take for our society to understand that we are also meant to stay in the society, to live on this society with high self esteem and dignity , do our respective jobs and live with peace . A coherent dependency on one another would make the earth a heaven for us . Mutual respect and acceptance would make evenryone’s life easier and would set a stage for a better living which would be nothing less than a gift for our future generations!!

Lots of things run down the mind when I think and write about the social change we are waiting for . It gives me the courage to be fight for our rights and our privileges . If we could pioneer various ways to tackle this and expedite the practice of change , our daughters would find our society a safe and better place , or else these social evils would hamper their progress too .This piece of blog is not to offend anyone , not to insult anyone , but to lay down the questions that come across our minds each day ! Many unanswerable questions walk side by side , walk along us when we gradually cross stages in our lives , when we gradually get older , get to various phases from being a daughter, sister , wife , mother …. and everyday we keep exploring answers , options ad the only expectation of change !! Really , don’t know or rather I would say’ not sure of’ the TIMEFRAME of CHANGE ….

Johny johny Yes Papa !!!Β 

Three days before , a friend of mine pinged an audio recording of her son in our WhatsApp group . This has become an appreciative platform to share the cuteness of our kids . Recorded audio, videos of new activities as our babies grow up , the cuteness of the whole childhood seems to be captured in those few moments! She had recorded her two year old baby boy singing the tune of the most famous nursery rhymes of all times ” Johny Johny Yes papa!!”How cute do the words sound when the Two year olds speak . The words just depict innocence , cuteness and can fulfill heart with happiness . Children are gifts of god , definitely. The moment I heard it , my memory just flashed back to 1.5 yrs when my daughter was a two year old . I had video recorded the same episode. I searched through my media gallery and send it to her . I thought probably every parent must have recorded these moments , lovable baffling letters and words of kids .Technology has blessed us to capture these moments forever . Whenever I feel like watching those videos , those despeartively cute moments , I just cannot resist myself from doing it . Kids grow too fast … we all wish them to be clinched to childhood !!!!

Through these nursery rhymes , I relive my childhood …. the sparkling white pages of nursery books get active in memory cells …. The nursery teachers , primary school teachers , school, playgrounds, pictures of classrooms get refreshed at once …. . Though we have crossed years of the journey, struggling , working and successfully celebrating our life , these kids come as the bundles of joy who have the ability to make us revisit memories, reassess life, re-analyse Do’s and Don’ts and definitely re-live .

We get to know us and our inner self better each day . We get brave , courageous and stronger each day as we drop them at daycare , as we allow them to play with other kids independently, as we watch them fall and hurt themselves… and still we have to say ” you are a brave child , see nothing’s happened, okay .. go go go and play “!! We have to watch that they don’t get demotivated , we have to give them the chance to lift themselves up after each fall … we constantly keep us monitored that we do well as a parent . We have to teach them discipline,expectation and different perspectives to see “life” . Still , we have to teach them how to stand up for themselves ! Are the concepts of life so easy ?? Are they mentioned anywhere as chapters in textbooks?? Are there any classes or tutoring sessions for it ?? ” NO” … We have to inculcate everything ‘good’ within our children . That’s the expectation, that’s the effort , that’s parenting , Isn’t it ??

So, eventually we grow ourselves; we improve ourselves; and evolve a better person each day . We grow intellectually , we handle stubbornness of our child in a more tricky way , we become more informed about the surrounding and its effects , we scrutinize tv channels to choose the best for our kid … After being a parent only , I could better   understand the perspective of my parents. I could realize their pain, concern and happiness even better !! We learn and grow with  our children !! They are the real gifts of god !!!!

Dream — can we ever define ??

How should we define dream ?? 

Is it the garden teeming with colorful flowers in the spring ; is it like the moon-lit sky with thousands of shiny,bright stars who seem to give a stellar decoration …. Ofcourse, they beautify our lives; or is it that only illuminated  flame which burns within us a penchant for reaching a single goal; or is it a strong desire engendering us to open our eyes,wake up ,get started and tread -on the path to success…………

Since a while, a thought invoked within , about how would we define dream?? I had sowed few rose seeds in a pot in my backyard, four days later, I had a dream of its germination!! Yes , it came as a dream in the night .  Then I realized , probably dream is what we truly desire for, what our heart truly craves for , wait for , want it to happen ……

My three year old daughter woke up  and told ” Mom, I had a dream last night that papa has packed our suitcases and we are all set to fly back to Florida ” This is actually what she’s waiting for , she has been terribly missing her friends in FL . Then I got a credence in my thought that Yes, dream complies and corresponds to our desires and thought … 

For someone who has been persevering for an anchievement, accomplishing the mission is a dream for him . For the heart which has been eagerly waiting for love , the dream would be nothing but a glimpse of him, for someone constantly striving for meeting the basic needs, getting it and living with it would be a dream …. For a soldier at the frontier, striving continuously and untiringly for safeguarding our motherland , the sole dream would be acheiving peace and meeting his family back home  . For a sportsperson on a field, lifting the winners trophy would be a dream … 

Dream could be the anchor to initiate a voyage , it could be the compass to show the proper direction  and it could be the force that successfully mark the assiduous voyage…… It would be different for every individual depending upon the situations, circumstances, priorities thereby influenced by thought, desire and action . 

” Yesterday is but today’s memory, tomorrow is today’s dream”. As rightly said by Kahlil Gibran , dream sets fire within every achiever’s heart … It’s powerful, beautiful, highly motivating, reverberating through the darkest of dark clouds, sparkling across the horizon, keeps up the enduring effort…. Dream carves the path whose limit could be higher than the sky, embalmed with eternal ether and is definitely each heart’s prerogative!!! 

“Dare to Dream “………….

Home away from home ….Β 

I have had an amazing stay in the US since last 5 yrs and the best has been Florida so far…  When came the day to leave FL, it was like reliving the moment I had while leaving my home …It’ s my views , my feelings I would like to dedicate to the so so special group of friends there . I know I would fall short of words and sentences when I think and write about my FL stay ! 

When I was done with drafting the message , before emailing to my friends , my husband wanted me to read it to him … Believe me , I was not able to read it aloud completely; I was down with tears ,screaming aloud and just hoping if anything could stop me from relocating to Minnesota. 

Hello Friends ,

With a lot of emotions overwhelming my heart, drops of grief dropping down my eyes and numerous pages of memory in mind , I sit down today to scribble the wonderful stay for a period of 3 years in Florida . It was an immense pleasure to have incredible friends like you all that would definitely prelude to the days ahead and forever . I can’t console my heart and say , ” we r leaving”… it’s too difficult and painful . Lot of things run down the mind while I stare outside my patio door, the surroundings, the jacaranda village playarea, park, tennis court, corridor infront Manasi’s house and of course the barbecue stoves have a lot of stories to narrate !! While eagerly waiting for the chicken to get roasted , we don’t dare to miss the Paneer , capsicum sticks that really wore “The Puneeta tag “. ( she’s vegetarian )we pitch into all πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚… Sony is the one with whom I always discussed child-handling tips ! Thanks a lot Soni and appreciate the commendable job you do to handle both of the kiddos . The national episodes we discuss, essentially they were the topics that decorated those round tables at the swimming pool…. starting from household issues to government issues to visa matters to house rents ….. to…. restaurant menus ..to… the most crucial one !” Kya Khana banaya tha aaj?” Even more terrible one !” Raat ka Khana ban Gaya ?” πŸ˜œπŸ˜’πŸ˜’ nahin Abhi Toh jaake banana hai ..”

I always wanted to learn swimming, but my never – sincere efforts ended up only in floating…. . Akshara , Ankita , Manasi ,Puneeta seem blessed to streamline themselves through the waves. Finalizing potluck menus, deciding what to cook, Idling around the beaches , spending time with you all has been a wonderful experience. Celebrating birthdays of kids  and wedding anniversaries have all been just festivals like fun which depicted how friends could be family for us . Comes the month of July , even memory gets active recalling Dishna & Deetya’s birthday ; after which Samaira , Reeva, Rhea’s and birthdays of our other lovely kids follow . The place for best biryani is also an important topic for discussion!Aparajeeta  , Soumya , Arpita can definitely relate to this one !! Pooja,Shriya,Archana…… Archana would definitely be super busy following  her posting as “new-mom”, Pooja and Shriya would be busy with their wonderful families !! Parties and get – together every Friday evening, as if Fridays would have been insulted without our meet-ups ! The stay at South Florida would be a significant chapter in the book of my lifetime memories…..
One more important table of gossip,playing card conference … the contributing members Disha , Suman, Sammanita,Chandrakala. Suman and Disha , I enjoyed every moment you guys legpulled me and the lovely 25 points bargain !! I can’t thank you all enough for the yummy delicious potlucks, lunch/ dinners invitations especially while we were packing and shifting . I would carry a lot of emotions and feelings and at the same time , leaveback a caring and loving family . 
Moon is excited a lot to go to Minneapolis. I know , the only reason for her excitement is her thought that Minneapolis is a beautiful snow land. But I can foresee how terribly she would miss her bachha party!! She has been enjoying the company and the splendid Florida weather from last two years. I remember we celebrated her first birthday here only. A bucket of sweet memories to be packed along with those heavy trolley bags!!  –Sometimes I think if I wouldn’t have relocated from Phoenix / Texas , I wouldn’t have got a chance to meet fabulous people like you all. With teary eyes as I bid a bye , I would wish all of you good luck and hope the best for self .In 
In these three years , time seemed to just fly,; not even a single weekend was idle or boring, the picturesque seashores , pleasant sunsets have always been inspiring and my lovely friends have been awesome! Amidst the fun, the time had arrived and the farewell cakes were ready to be cut .πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’The enigma of time and the enigmatic life give us the dilemma to choose between smiles of memories and woes of distance . Would miss you all a lot 😞😞 . Maybe we would cross roads again as the world is round …. love you all !! Thankyou one and all for everything!! 


Wait ! Wait!! The Eager Wait !!! The wait for love !!!!

In a lovely summer evening as I walk down alone,
The cooling breeze evokes the thought within,
Soothes the earth from scorching heat , for me;
My heart waits fervently for my love…

When my mind sails through the air,
Through the distance, miles and hours;
The onlooking sky clad with dark clouds
Showers the resplendent memories of our love;

The rustling leaves sing the rhythm of loneliness,
The soaring birds somehow console flying high;
My soul within desperately sighs away;
Craves to meet my love someday;

The solitary traveler passing by, says;
Life is a journey of pain and woes,
The path seems to be paved with stones,
I cry for the strength of my love alone;

Neither my morning brightens as before
The sun of my sky is hidden within darkness,
Nor my nights lighten with numerous shining stars,
My happiness has been shadowed upon by forlornness;

As I leap through each step of the day,
Each page of memory unwinds,each moment of life loses;
It’s purpose,dignity and divinity ,and every drop of tear that rolls down;
Say it’s your love that can fulfill all your dreams;

My heart sings a thousand beats echoing each time,
I need my love, my soul for my survival ;
My mind dives into the blankness of universe,
Conveys hearty wish of having you at every pulse……

Soupy Soupy Chicken Love!!!

The other day, I had a wish to prepare chicken curry , the thought itself made me remember my mom’s recipe which embalmed our house with its aroma, I feel lucky that I am able to relive those times again since my child also likes it 😊

As the shining sun lights up the skyThe pinkish glow decorated it’s blueness,
My ardent rush to the breakfast table
The morning tea wore my name’s label;;

A highly inspiring thought knocked me,
I must have within , that’s my fervent wish;
flashes of memories just waved through,
much evocative of my lovely childhood;

The glory just dazzled within somewhere,
Iced and preserved with all love and care,
Just waiting for the aromatic spices and salt,
curd, turmeric and my amiable touch;

As it approached the place it should be ,
Beckoned my heart , even my neighbors,
Swept me across the streets of my home;
reminiscing the first thrill of his propose;

wandered with the excitement of it’s taste,
smell of something so assiduously made,
The imagination curled in every turn ,
My magical wand truly cares, should never burn!!

The texture and it’s feel, Ahh!! Yummy it is !!!
Hope it never betrays my trust, I know !!
My favorites and my choices inherited ,
Makes my most difficult task so ease !!!! 😜
To all my friends and family out there,
What are you waiting for , no surprises for sure;
It’s the chicken gravy I am talking about ,
Doesn’t it deserve a description as such ??!!

Love you , aloo chicken curry πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚β˜ΊοΈ