Happy Thanksgiving !!

The Thanksgiving Day is around the corner , a festival to offer prayers of thanks is celebrated with a high vivacity, energy, enthusiasm and liveliness in the western part of the world . The significance of this festival lies in the uniqueness and purity of the thought —- Thanks-giving .

From within the hustles and bustles of their daily life , people take some time off to offer ‘thanks’ to God , to family and friends and be thankful for things their heart feels elated and content.

My daughter brought home a piece of purple – colored, an oval ,feather- shaped paper last week for her Thanksgiving project. As I checked her bag pack, I found the teacher’s note which mentioned , “ Please discuss with your child about the things your family is thankful about and decorate the feather with the representations , pictures or note about it , submit next week “.

We cannot expect a four year old to understand the concept and express her gratitude and thanks for anyone or anything. .I asked her , what do you feel are important for you ? Or the other way I put forth my question was , whom would you say Thankyou ? She replied … I am thankful for “everything “, everything is important?? Everything means of course everything mom! was the answer to my further exclamations and queries ….I couldn’t untangle what the word “ everything” would have enclosed within for her .Again, it was one of those million expressions which children throw , mysterious and puzzlesome for the elders to understand!

Now , however the project became my responsibility, I sat thinking what am I thankful for ? How could I define the thousand streaks of the sense of gratitude I feel ? We are thankful to our parents for gifting us life , thankful to our family and friends for their kindness, sharing and caring , helping us grow up , shaping our lives, character and personality… thankful to siblings for they keep us bonded, feel worthy and loved always …We are thankful for our rich culture and heritage , thankful for festivals and celebrations which keep us happy, thankful for important ,useful inventions and discoveries which make our day to day life easier and fascinating… we are thankful to each profession , a doctor , a farmer , a postman , a police man , a teacher … We are thankful to the God , to the Sun , rain and the clouds , to the Mother Nature ,the Mother Earth for the food , shelter and natural resources, for air , water and the soil , for the environment and the surrounding….. Huh !! My heart never felt thankful to such an extent ever before ! But that piece of paper would just get immersed in the ocean of my gratitude and moreover , it’s my child’s project . I pulled out myself to the shore and within a few minutes of ponder over my thoughts I wanted to give it a child’s perspective . I realized that our sense of gratitude and thankfulness remain the same even if we think with the mind of a child .

A child could be thankful for food , home , family, school, friends and of course toys !! I asked my daughter ” Is home important for you ?” She said “ Yes , it is !” I asked how would she feel if she had no friends , she said “ that’s not good , I would be lonely , no one to play with ”. So, definitely I had chosen the correct factors for her project. Both of us , me and my daughter cut the pictures , pasted them in that piece of paper .. As usual , scissors, glue , sketch pens and markers do form a favorite part of a preschooler’s activity time …. And , guess what! Our Thanksgiving project was done !!!

And , I am left with a heart full of gratitude and prayer of thanks for my family, friends , relatives for every help they have ever extended, for every desire they sacrificed for my upbringing and wellbeing and for their every act of kindness, love, support and generosity. I am left sitting on that shore the Mother Nature gifted me thinking about the thousands of blessings she has bestowed upon me … Thanking the loved ones for sharing smile and pain along the way so far . Set aside the differences in culture and customs, set aside the differences in age or race or region , set aside the differences in thoughts and opinion, the mankind as a whole is immensely thankful to common attributes of life and nature!

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all !!!

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