The Autumn hues !!

The floral clouds that enthrall hearts,
Each leaf resembles a flower as the autumn lands,
The darker the woods,rows of yellow and orange,
red and brown, define the nautre’s foliage!!

As the days get colder , meadows seem idyllic,
The embellished trinkets with the nature’s ink;
prettify the earth, vibrant moutains touch the sky;
The picturesque autumn wipes every grief away!!

The chilling breeze wanes away each moment,
A flurry of the golden hue swirling along it’s way;
nurtured all through the summer,fluttered away from the soul,
Bewildered and somber, stand the maples and the conifer!!!;

Amidst the millions of tides and hundreds of turns, 
A withered soul would gaze through the heavenly auburn,
The happiness seem obscured within the autumn,
valored through the twilight, the ‘goal’ yet unknown!!

Again it would rise, would grace the sheer greenery,
Again it would adorn, the nature’s endowed beauty,
Again it would smile through the bright autumn sunshine,
Again it would be blessed to embrace life!!!

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