Happy 4th Birthday!!!

Happy happy and a very very happy birthday to my baby! We didn’t even realize that you would be four years old until the calendar struck 14th September,2017. My little bundle of joy, hope, dreams and aspirations has crossed the toddler trots, has successfully achieved all the growth milestones, completed the immunization record, qualified the preschool screening tests and getting herself ready for the kindergarten!!!! Has time really flew away?  Or am I still stuck in the baby room until now?? It’s hard to believe that you are turning four !

The baby room gradually transitioned into a room full of toys( puzzles,cars, dolls, pretend kitchen sets, princess castles,soft toys, piano etc etc this list could go on!), walls of the room with alphabet stickers , pictures of number trains , shapes , colors …. even this list could go on ! ……. Chalks , pencils, markers , glitters ,crayons, sketch pens…… I never knew these could make houses terribly messy, but had to embrace both childhood and cleaning agents!! ☺️😬.
Sometimes you come to me with your face,hands and legs all painted with sketches and markers. Not sometimes, actually many a times or probably a million times !!πŸ™„ Being a full-time mom , my day starts when you wake up and my tiring yet happy day ends when you say goodnight …. The series of cartoon pictures / videos you watch, the hundreds of characters you pretend to be and act, you speak about them all day ….they are the only episodes our TV set is permitted to show πŸ˜‰. Peppa pig, George,PJ Masks, Octonauts, Ben and Holly, Pocoyo, Firemen Sam etc etc even this list could be endless!.. I don’t need to tell you bedtime stories, rather I listen stories from you on these topics!

It was very easy to answer when  your preschool teacher asked me about your strengths. I enjoy our park time when we play outside together. A scared mom still encourages her toddler to climb the higher frames  and go to the highest one ; singing the tune , swing high…… swing low !! I would always be there  to cater to your demand —-” higher higher , push me higher mom”. You are a very smart and adventurous kid , intelligent and careful too , probably only while sitting in the car. You would never miss shouting ….” stop ! Look there’s the red signal!” Red means stop!! 

My purse got replaced with the “diaper bag”, which literally contained my ‘ heart’. I might forget a thousand things , but would never dare to forget packing your lunchbox, water bottle or an extra pair of clothes! You awestruck us with your conversations, statements; you puzzle us with your questions especially when you watched ‘Baahubali 2’ and you amaze us with your cuteness. It was the first movie you watched in Hindi 😊. You have been the object for papa’s photography and the subject for mamma’s write-ups !

Your birthday every year is the celebration event for us . Choosing your dress, accessories, hairband and bracelet wakes up the designer 😬 within your mom. Today , you can choose   the theme for your birthday and you are eagerly waiting for your friends. Most importantly, you made me a person who would frantically look for immediate solutions ….. Like , now I look for washable crayons , now I re-route my car not as per GPS, but according to roads that don’t have toys@rus or McDonalds on their way! πŸ˜‰
I termed ‘egg bhurji’ as scrambled eggs, I termed chicken fritters as ‘ popcorn chicken ‘, and I termed stuffed parathas as ‘ pizza’😜 not only to cheat you but feed you ‘ healthy ‘ as well . All the motherly concerns , πŸ˜‚… hope you’d understand as you grow up!! Although these tricks don’t work anymore , I am trying to find out some other  tricky solutions. Sometimes , the huge number of gifts 🎁 showered upon you make me jealous . We make mutual agreements to share chocolates, don’t we ??☺️

We would always pray for your well being , happiness and success. I would advise you to live your own dreams , live a life for yourself , believe in your thoughts and action and achieve your aspirations. Whenever you would want to look back to your childhood , you can always turn up to these pages of my diary. These would have all the memories , sweet stories of your childhood, love of grandparents and guidance of your parents ! The pages might have turned yellow by then, but would always bring smile on your face !!!

Happy birthday baby ,

From mamma, papa and your lovely family…

2 thoughts on “Happy 4th Birthday!!!”

  1. My moon wud take a lil more years to understand dese epic words but serioulsy u drove us into ur world wid all these emotions dat touched our hearts.. loads of luv but yes jealousy.though we couldnt find enough tym to spare for her but still mere days will remain as specual memories through out our life.. happy bday moon happy long lyf to u..


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