The 5-minute sleep!!! …… Guess it !!

Never forget to religiously set,
never welcome when we get,
don’t just like it , when it wakes,
moments seem heavenly , if escaped ;

An ambitious dreamer, heart feels,
A meticulous planner, mind echoes😜,
The perfect time to start a day,
A lot to be done , you know anyway;

snooze, snooze, a few minutes more ,
a few more , five , fifteen or twenty-four,
Oh! stop now !! it’s enough of curtailing,
on my way , weaving a sweet dream;

Pain seems to be fade, fairy tales made
Those precious minutes seem idyllic,
Feel refreshed, both body and mind,
The significance of time, until realized;

Somewhere within , desperately knocks,
The forgone plan and the poignant thoughts,
Morning classes amiss, morning strolls turn,
Into what is actually labeled , a marathon!!

Oh Tea! My favorite cup, cool down !!
Dont you see , I am in a rush,
Breakfast table , set inside the bus,
Nothing seem in place , lunchbox, shoes and socks !!!

Who we are, you never care,
never knew , you’re so crucial ;
Stopped you , slept more an hour ,
missed a hundred marks and the morning shower !

The 5- minute sleep, no less precarious,
Pardon us , late entry into auditoriums;
Left unanswered, papers numerous,
Framed excuses piled up for the boss;

You teach us the worth of time,
You wake us up and we live our dream,
How sincerely are you determined,
To rescue us from the 5-minute sleep!!!

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