A Rainy day !!!

The sky gowned with foggy clouds,Not all dark or black , but loud ;
The grayness that obscures the sun ,
Makes the breeze chill , and that’s the fun !!!

Float in the air, seem to have wings;
gets mightier with time, as they swing,
Carries the pride away, before the fall;
Signifies humbleness and modesty , above all;;

Earth wears a blanket, clammy and damp,
A soothing drizzle keeps the calm,
Slippery and dank, the passers-by woe,
The photographer ‘s lens hope a rainbow ;;

“Rainy days” been topics to painters and poets,
Around the world, across continents,
The drops of blessings and songs to movies ,
Showery themes , dancing around trees!!!

Children with the umbrellas and coats, utmost fun,
Paper boats , muddy puddles and what none!
Kids happy for the ” rainy days off” ,
If thunders and school bells ring along !!!

The spells of magic , as they cast,
Answers the farmer’s honest prayer,
Emanates the cologne of his sweat ,
The petrichor smells sweeter , as it gets wet !

A snare for the foodies , as the day passes,
Wait for evenings with the tea and fries ;
Green is then the color , ripples in the lakes, round and round ;
Fragrance of the newly blooms embalms, all around !!!!

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