Timeframe of CHANGE! !??!!

The change implies continuity .When certain norms or practices are modified , we use the term ‘ change’ .. Does’ change ‘ has any timeframe ?? How long is change expected to take ?? The change can be good or bad , desirable or undesirable, progressive or degressive and could be beneficial or derogatory. Now, how could we determine it and how long would it take for the ‘ real change ‘ !! Definitely, the dimensions with which we could measure ‘change ‘ would depend on ideals , nature , present prevailing socio-politico- economic-religious scenario.
The ‘ status of women’ is one of those critical milestones our society has been striving to achieve .We have seen exemplary icons of reform and social changes like Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Annie Besant etc … whose preaching and efforts brought an end to many social evils like sati system etc ; sociologists have made detailed studies and have formulated various theories on the direction of change , factors of change and areas of change . But the same society has been facing heinous acts of crime , rapes , emane foeticide, female molestations , dowry deaths, domestic violence against women, workplace discriminations and partiality in each and every aspect .

A girl struggles for her own birth , her own rights , her own independence, her self-esteem , struggles to prove her own choices …. why ?? How long will the change take ? How long will it take for our society to realize and practically practice status equality ?? When will girls be out of fear , when will they feel safe ?? When will the society stop staring at the length of their skirts and be judgemental about her character ? When a female child takes birth , the society doesn’t seem interested to celebrate, why ?? What are the social stereotypes that even differentiates a newborn ?? When a girl grows up , we want her to be cultured, well behaved and well mannered . By this , we actually mean that she should be quiet and accept every thing that comes her way, she cannot stand for herself, she cannot keep her words , she cannot speak up her heart, she cannot compete with boys of her age and has to limit herself to the limits set by the society . So basically being well groomed and well cultured means subservient submission. Why ??

When she tries to take up a profession, we have a catalogue from which she has to choose . She doesn’t get a nod for jobs that demand night shifts , long hours at office , jobs that demand adventure and courage . Her dreams don’t get the needed support. Who determines that ?? Why ?? Comes to marriage , the so- called marriageable age is predecided and followed by our society . A girl unmarried at the age of 30 is looked upon as a negative example , but why ?? How long will it take to change ? When will we understand that marriage is completely her deceision and her choice. …. In the marriage and having – kids arena, people don’t stop peeping into personal issues of the families also. When will we treat both the sexes same and stop praying for a boy child ?? When will we stop thinking that boys are all born great and can achieve anything in this world ??

There are workplace discriminations also which affects and demoralizes women . When the ability is not explored , when effort goes unrecognized or unrewarded , it’s obvious that a talented mind also gets discouraged. When it comes to sharing responsibilities at home , it’s always the duty of the lady of the house ! Why can’t men share it too ?? When will we accept that men can work at home too , they can share the household responsibilities and they can even take care of the kids ! ? When will the girl’s parents live with the same dignity, would have the same respect that is always enjoyed by a boy’s parents ?? When will a girl have the same right of say in the family , in the city, in the country ??

Books say ” The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world ” . History sets the examples of Rani Lakshmi Bai, Sarojini Naidu and Mother Teresa … but what’s the basis of the societal rules that are set ?? A girl feels unsecured to travel alone , parents get worried if she returns late because of the numerous heinous incidents that occur frequently . How long will it take for our society to understand that we are also meant to stay in the society, to live on this society with high self esteem and dignity , do our respective jobs and live with peace . A coherent dependency on one another would make the earth a heaven for us . Mutual respect and acceptance would make evenryone’s life easier and would set a stage for a better living which would be nothing less than a gift for our future generations!!

Lots of things run down the mind when I think and write about the social change we are waiting for . It gives me the courage to be fight for our rights and our privileges . If we could pioneer various ways to tackle this and expedite the practice of change , our daughters would find our society a safe and better place , or else these social evils would hamper their progress too .This piece of blog is not to offend anyone , not to insult anyone , but to lay down the questions that come across our minds each day ! Many unanswerable questions walk side by side , walk along us when we gradually cross stages in our lives , when we gradually get older , get to various phases from being a daughter, sister , wife , mother …. and everyday we keep exploring answers , options ad the only expectation of change !! Really , don’t know or rather I would say’ not sure of’ the TIMEFRAME of CHANGE ….

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