Johny johny Yes Papa !!! 

Three days before , a friend of mine pinged an audio recording of her son in our WhatsApp group . This has become an appreciative platform to share the cuteness of our kids . Recorded audio, videos of new activities as our babies grow up , the cuteness of the whole childhood seems to be captured in those few moments! She had recorded her two year old baby boy singing the tune of the most famous nursery rhymes of all times ” Johny Johny Yes papa!!”How cute do the words sound when the Two year olds speak . The words just depict innocence , cuteness and can fulfill heart with happiness . Children are gifts of god , definitely. The moment I heard it , my memory just flashed back to 1.5 yrs when my daughter was a two year old . I had video recorded the same episode. I searched through my media gallery and send it to her . I thought probably every parent must have recorded these moments , lovable baffling letters and words of kids .Technology has blessed us to capture these moments forever . Whenever I feel like watching those videos , those despeartively cute moments , I just cannot resist myself from doing it . Kids grow too fast … we all wish them to be clinched to childhood !!!!

Through these nursery rhymes , I relive my childhood …. the sparkling white pages of nursery books get active in memory cells …. The nursery teachers , primary school teachers , school, playgrounds, pictures of classrooms get refreshed at once …. . Though we have crossed years of the journey, struggling , working and successfully celebrating our life , these kids come as the bundles of joy who have the ability to make us revisit memories, reassess life, re-analyse Do’s and Don’ts and definitely re-live .

We get to know us and our inner self better each day . We get brave , courageous and stronger each day as we drop them at daycare , as we allow them to play with other kids independently, as we watch them fall and hurt themselves… and still we have to say ” you are a brave child , see nothing’s happened, okay .. go go go and play “!! We have to watch that they don’t get demotivated , we have to give them the chance to lift themselves up after each fall … we constantly keep us monitored that we do well as a parent . We have to teach them discipline,expectation and different perspectives to see “life” . Still , we have to teach them how to stand up for themselves ! Are the concepts of life so easy ?? Are they mentioned anywhere as chapters in textbooks?? Are there any classes or tutoring sessions for it ?? ” NO” … We have to inculcate everything ‘good’ within our children . That’s the expectation, that’s the effort , that’s parenting , Isn’t it ??

So, eventually we grow ourselves; we improve ourselves; and evolve a better person each day . We grow intellectually , we handle stubbornness of our child in a more tricky way , we become more informed about the surrounding and its effects , we scrutinize tv channels to choose the best for our kid … After being a parent only , I could better   understand the perspective of my parents. I could realize their pain, concern and happiness even better !! We learn and grow with  our children !! They are the real gifts of god !!!!

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