Dream — can we ever define ??

How should we define dream ?? 

Is it the garden teeming with colorful flowers in the spring ; is it like the moon-lit sky with thousands of shiny,bright stars who seem to give a stellar decoration …. Ofcourse, they beautify our lives; or is it that only illuminated  flame which burns within us a penchant for reaching a single goal; or is it a strong desire engendering us to open our eyes,wake up ,get started and tread -on the path to success…………

Since a while, a thought invoked within , about how would we define dream?? I had sowed few rose seeds in a pot in my backyard, four days later, I had a dream of its germination!! Yes , it came as a dream in the night .  Then I realized , probably dream is what we truly desire for, what our heart truly craves for , wait for , want it to happen ……

My three year old daughter woke up  and told ” Mom, I had a dream last night that papa has packed our suitcases and we are all set to fly back to Florida ” This is actually what she’s waiting for , she has been terribly missing her friends in FL . Then I got a credence in my thought that Yes, dream complies and corresponds to our desires and thought … 

For someone who has been persevering for an anchievement, accomplishing the mission is a dream for him . For the heart which has been eagerly waiting for love , the dream would be nothing but a glimpse of him, for someone constantly striving for meeting the basic needs, getting it and living with it would be a dream …. For a soldier at the frontier, striving continuously and untiringly for safeguarding our motherland , the sole dream would be acheiving peace and meeting his family back home  . For a sportsperson on a field, lifting the winners trophy would be a dream … 

Dream could be the anchor to initiate a voyage , it could be the compass to show the proper direction  and it could be the force that successfully mark the assiduous voyage…… It would be different for every individual depending upon the situations, circumstances, priorities thereby influenced by thought, desire and action . 

” Yesterday is but today’s memory, tomorrow is today’s dream”. As rightly said by Kahlil Gibran , dream sets fire within every achiever’s heart … It’s powerful, beautiful, highly motivating, reverberating through the darkest of dark clouds, sparkling across the horizon, keeps up the enduring effort…. Dream carves the path whose limit could be higher than the sky, embalmed with eternal ether and is definitely each heart’s prerogative!!! 

“Dare to Dream “………….

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