Home away from home …. 

I have had an amazing stay in the US since last 5 yrs and the best has been Florida so far…  When came the day to leave FL, it was like reliving the moment I had while leaving my home …It’ s my views , my feelings I would like to dedicate to the so so special group of friends there . I know I would fall short of words and sentences when I think and write about my FL stay ! 

When I was done with drafting the message , before emailing to my friends , my husband wanted me to read it to him … Believe me , I was not able to read it aloud completely; I was down with tears ,screaming aloud and just hoping if anything could stop me from relocating to Minnesota. 

Hello Friends ,

With a lot of emotions overwhelming my heart, drops of grief dropping down my eyes and numerous pages of memory in mind , I sit down today to scribble the wonderful stay for a period of 3 years in Florida . It was an immense pleasure to have incredible friends like you all that would definitely prelude to the days ahead and forever . I can’t console my heart and say , ” we r leaving”… it’s too difficult and painful . Lot of things run down the mind while I stare outside my patio door, the surroundings, the jacaranda village playarea, park, tennis court, corridor infront Manasi’s house and of course the barbecue stoves have a lot of stories to narrate !! While eagerly waiting for the chicken to get roasted , we don’t dare to miss the Paneer , capsicum sticks that really wore “The Puneeta tag “. ( she’s vegetarian )we pitch into all 😂😂… Sony is the one with whom I always discussed child-handling tips ! Thanks a lot Soni and appreciate the commendable job you do to handle both of the kiddos . The national episodes we discuss, essentially they were the topics that decorated those round tables at the swimming pool…. starting from household issues to government issues to visa matters to house rents ….. to…. restaurant menus ..to… the most crucial one !” Kya Khana banaya tha aaj?” Even more terrible one !” Raat ka Khana ban Gaya ?” 😜😒😒 nahin Abhi Toh jaake banana hai ..”

I always wanted to learn swimming, but my never – sincere efforts ended up only in floating…. . Akshara , Ankita , Manasi ,Puneeta seem blessed to streamline themselves through the waves. Finalizing potluck menus, deciding what to cook, Idling around the beaches , spending time with you all has been a wonderful experience. Celebrating birthdays of kids  and wedding anniversaries have all been just festivals like fun which depicted how friends could be family for us . Comes the month of July , even memory gets active recalling Dishna & Deetya’s birthday ; after which Samaira , Reeva, Rhea’s and birthdays of our other lovely kids follow . The place for best biryani is also an important topic for discussion!Aparajeeta  , Soumya , Arpita can definitely relate to this one !! Pooja,Shriya,Archana…… Archana would definitely be super busy following  her posting as “new-mom”, Pooja and Shriya would be busy with their wonderful families !! Parties and get – together every Friday evening, as if Fridays would have been insulted without our meet-ups ! The stay at South Florida would be a significant chapter in the book of my lifetime memories…..
One more important table of gossip,playing card conference … the contributing members Disha , Suman, Sammanita,Chandrakala. Suman and Disha , I enjoyed every moment you guys legpulled me and the lovely 25 points bargain !! I can’t thank you all enough for the yummy delicious potlucks, lunch/ dinners invitations especially while we were packing and shifting . I would carry a lot of emotions and feelings and at the same time , leaveback a caring and loving family . 
Moon is excited a lot to go to Minneapolis. I know , the only reason for her excitement is her thought that Minneapolis is a beautiful snow land. But I can foresee how terribly she would miss her bachha party!! She has been enjoying the company and the splendid Florida weather from last two years. I remember we celebrated her first birthday here only. A bucket of sweet memories to be packed along with those heavy trolley bags!!  –Sometimes I think if I wouldn’t have relocated from Phoenix / Texas , I wouldn’t have got a chance to meet fabulous people like you all. With teary eyes as I bid a bye , I would wish all of you good luck and hope the best for self .In 
In these three years , time seemed to just fly,; not even a single weekend was idle or boring, the picturesque seashores , pleasant sunsets have always been inspiring and my lovely friends have been awesome! Amidst the fun, the time had arrived and the farewell cakes were ready to be cut .😒😒😒😢The enigma of time and the enigmatic life give us the dilemma to choose between smiles of memories and woes of distance . Would miss you all a lot 😞😞 . Maybe we would cross roads again as the world is round …. love you all !! Thankyou one and all for everything!! 


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