Wait ! Wait!! The Eager Wait !!! The wait for love !!!!

In a lovely summer evening as I walk down alone,
The cooling breeze evokes the thought within,
Soothes the earth from scorching heat , for me;
My heart waits fervently for my love…

When my mind sails through the air,
Through the distance, miles and hours;
The onlooking sky clad with dark clouds
Showers the resplendent memories of our love;

The rustling leaves sing the rhythm of loneliness,
The soaring birds somehow console flying high;
My soul within desperately sighs away;
Craves to meet my love someday;

The solitary traveler passing by, says;
Life is a journey of pain and woes,
The path seems to be paved with stones,
I cry for the strength of my love alone;

Neither my morning brightens as before
The sun of my sky is hidden within darkness,
Nor my nights lighten with numerous shining stars,
My happiness has been shadowed upon by forlornness;

As I leap through each step of the day,
Each page of memory unwinds,each moment of life loses;
It’s purpose,dignity and divinity ,and every drop of tear that rolls down;
Say it’s your love that can fulfill all your dreams;

My heart sings a thousand beats echoing each time,
I need my love, my soul for my survival ;
My mind dives into the blankness of universe,
Conveys hearty wish of having you at every pulse……

4 thoughts on “Wait ! Wait!! The Eager Wait !!! The wait for love !!!!”

  1. Do keep posting like this. I started with Johnny Johnny…but I completed all at one go. Your expression through the word is simple yet touches our hearts. It reminds us good old days at the same time there is an impression on present time.
    I would love to read more and more.
    Expencting more from the young writer….


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