Soupy Soupy Chicken Love!!!

The other day, I had a wish to prepare chicken curry , the thought itself made me remember my mom’s recipe which embalmed our house with its aroma, I feel lucky that I am able to relive those times again since my child also likes it 😊

As the shining sun lights up the skyThe pinkish glow decorated it’s blueness,
My ardent rush to the breakfast table
The morning tea wore my name’s label;;

A highly inspiring thought knocked me,
I must have within , that’s my fervent wish;
flashes of memories just waved through,
much evocative of my lovely childhood;

The glory just dazzled within somewhere,
Iced and preserved with all love and care,
Just waiting for the aromatic spices and salt,
curd, turmeric and my amiable touch;

As it approached the place it should be ,
Beckoned my heart , even my neighbors,
Swept me across the streets of my home;
reminiscing the first thrill of his propose;

wandered with the excitement of it’s taste,
smell of something so assiduously made,
The imagination curled in every turn ,
My magical wand truly cares, should never burn!!

The texture and it’s feel, Ahh!! Yummy it is !!!
Hope it never betrays my trust, I know !!
My favorites and my choices inherited ,
Makes my most difficult task so ease !!!! 😜
To all my friends and family out there,
What are you waiting for , no surprises for sure;
It’s the chicken gravy I am talking about ,
Doesn’t it deserve a description as such ??!!

Love you , aloo chicken curry πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚β˜ΊοΈ

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