The positive wave!

Yes the world is the same as ever,the sun brightens up the earth,the birds make the wind melodious,the flowers spread their fragrance and I can still feel the essence of the nature. I am touched by the blessing of the divinity as I held the little one in my arms and a brain full of vivid thoughts.The chair keeps swinging…

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The Blissful “We-hood”!

When life hoists the motherhood flag,

The toughest a path,uphill is the task

Perched on to guilt,‘to-be-done’ ever in the foil,

Even if I break my spine in the turmoil.

Tiresome days when time stands stubborn

motherhood feels blessed with strength

when the blanket of support is lovingly clenched parenthood is adorned and gracefully embraced

ill the child,finds his father beside

surreal it feels,even tears fail to hide

with a heavenly smile,she thanks the divine

For she sees herself as the world’s luckiest bride!

It’s no more I-hood, a journey never lonely,

Welcomed to our lives,”The blissful “We-hood””!

T-E-A Time ! M-E Time !!

As the dawn spreads its wings towards the horizon, as the rising sun spreads the ribbons of pink and purple and the warmth of the golden gleam awakens millions of beautiful hearts into a hopeful morning , the Mother Nature makes sure that the soothing and warm bright rays of the sun are welcomed graAs the dawn spreads its wings towards the horizon, as the rising sun spreads the ribbons of pink and purple and the warmth of the golden gleam awakens millions of beautiful hearts into a hopeful morning , the Mother Nature makes sure that the soothing and warming bright rays of the sun are welcomed graciously as they carve their way and reach the Mother Earth.

They pave their way sharp and straight over the horizon ,over the seemingly thin endless coastline and sometimes emerge courageously even through the gray clouds .They carve their way through the strong, dark and black woods , through the wide window panes, through the narrow blinds and through numerous twinkling eyes of hope, aspirations and dreams.

As my sleepy eyes lazily open up to such a wonderful morning , my heart feels utterly peaceful and my mind sings the prayer of sincere gratitude towards the almighty. The deep sense of gratitude is for having one more opportunity to give the nature a glance, to admire the beauty of existence, to brace up for every desired spark of smile and every painful drop of tear and to victoriously live a day with love, positivity and strength .

I found myself sinking into the ocean of thoughts and to my wonder , a handful of wishes and desire , expectation and hope seemed so heavy that the cup of tea in my hand stumbled and started to struggle for balance. The morning cup of tea with whirring bubbles, a steady and slowly diffusing fume has always been my ardent love . With a color that it decides on its own and with a flavor that I decide for it , it has devoured my attention with the feebly unrhythmic tingle it made with the saucer .

A connection , so Deep and exciting that I fondly label it as ‘ eternal’ has been garnered within the T-E-A Time only ! This has been my M-E time , the time when my selfish self doesn’t bother about anything else or anyone else , strictly keeps to myself , answers to some of the puzzling queries , gives me enormous positive vibes , strengthens my hope and ambitions and connects me to myself.

Isn’t the T-E-A time truly Thoughtful— Empowering —Amazing ?? that defines my M-E time as Meaningful — Energizing!!

I strongly feel ‘Yes’. The aroma of the ginger showers numerous resplendent memories and the few seeds of cardamom spices up the pious spirit . The flavored herbs energizes heart with enduring courage and strength. Be it black or brown, the favorite cup of tea would alone chosen; Be it green, herbal or lemon, it would be my best friend in forlorn! ; Be the sky sunny and bright , it fills my heart with delight ! Be it Rainy, windy or chilly, every sip would be deserving !

The sunshine,the clouds , the rain and the snow would seem to glow for a happy soul. The blueness of the clear sky or the saffron eternal flame of the setting sun both can be truly inspiring and empowering for a calm, composed , empathetic and a compassionate heart !

Ahhhh!! Amidst the thought of Life and opportunities, my cup of tea is already enjoyed and over and the ticking clock said ,” the day starts “!!! , the morning newspaper wants to be picked up and gazed and the breakfast desires to be served !!!

Have a happy day !!!!

Happy Thanksgiving !!

The Thanksgiving Day is around the corner , a festival to offer prayers of thanks is celebrated with a high vivacity, energy, enthusiasm and liveliness in the western part of the world . The significance of this festival lies in the uniqueness and purity of the thought —- Thanks-giving .

From within the hustles and bustles of their daily life , people take some time off to offer ‘thanks’ to God , to family and friends and be thankful for things their heart feels elated and content.

My daughter brought home a piece of purple – colored, an oval ,feather- shaped paper last week for her Thanksgiving project. As I checked her bag pack, I found the teacher’s note which mentioned , “ Please discuss with your child about the things your family is thankful about and decorate the feather with the representations , pictures or note about it , submit next week “.

We cannot expect a four year old to understand the concept and express her gratitude and thanks for anyone or anything. .I asked her , what do you feel are important for you ? Or the other way I put forth my question was , whom would you say Thankyou ? She replied … I am thankful for “everything “, everything is important?? Everything means of course everything mom! was the answer to my further exclamations and queries ….I couldn’t untangle what the word “ everything” would have enclosed within for her .Again, it was one of those million expressions which children throw , mysterious and puzzlesome for the elders to understand!

Now , however the project became my responsibility, I sat thinking what am I thankful for ? How could I define the thousand streaks of the sense of gratitude I feel ? We are thankful to our parents for gifting us life , thankful to our family and friends for their kindness, sharing and caring , helping us grow up , shaping our lives, character and personality… thankful to siblings for they keep us bonded, feel worthy and loved always …We are thankful for our rich culture and heritage , thankful for festivals and celebrations which keep us happy, thankful for important ,useful inventions and discoveries which make our day to day life easier and fascinating… we are thankful to each profession , a doctor , a farmer , a postman , a police man , a teacher … We are thankful to the God , to the Sun , rain and the clouds , to the Mother Nature ,the Mother Earth for the food , shelter and natural resources, for air , water and the soil , for the environment and the surrounding….. Huh !! My heart never felt thankful to such an extent ever before ! But that piece of paper would just get immersed in the ocean of my gratitude and moreover , it’s my child’s project . I pulled out myself to the shore and within a few minutes of ponder over my thoughts I wanted to give it a child’s perspective . I realized that our sense of gratitude and thankfulness remain the same even if we think with the mind of a child .

A child could be thankful for food , home , family, school, friends and of course toys !! I asked my daughter ” Is home important for you ?” She said “ Yes , it is !” I asked how would she feel if she had no friends , she said “ that’s not good , I would be lonely , no one to play with ”. So, definitely I had chosen the correct factors for her project. Both of us , me and my daughter cut the pictures , pasted them in that piece of paper .. As usual , scissors, glue , sketch pens and markers do form a favorite part of a preschooler’s activity time …. And , guess what! Our Thanksgiving project was done !!!

And , I am left with a heart full of gratitude and prayer of thanks for my family, friends , relatives for every help they have ever extended, for every desire they sacrificed for my upbringing and wellbeing and for their every act of kindness, love, support and generosity. I am left sitting on that shore the Mother Nature gifted me thinking about the thousands of blessings she has bestowed upon me … Thanking the loved ones for sharing smile and pain along the way so far . Set aside the differences in culture and customs, set aside the differences in age or race or region , set aside the differences in thoughts and opinion, the mankind as a whole is immensely thankful to common attributes of life and nature!

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all !!!

The Autumn hues !!

The floral clouds that enthrall hearts,
Each leaf resembles a flower as the autumn lands,
The darker the woods,rows of yellow and orange,
red and brown, define the nautre’s foliage!!

As the days get colder , meadows seem idyllic,
The embellished trinkets with the nature’s ink;
prettify the earth, vibrant moutains touch the sky;
The picturesque autumn wipes every grief away!!

The chilling breeze wanes away each moment,
A flurry of the golden hue swirling along it’s way;
nurtured all through the summer,fluttered away from the soul,
Bewildered and somber, stand the maples and the conifer!!!;

Amidst the millions of tides and hundreds of turns, 
A withered soul would gaze through the heavenly auburn,
The happiness seem obscured within the autumn,
valored through the twilight, the ‘goal’ yet unknown!!

Again it would rise, would grace the sheer greenery,
Again it would adorn, the nature’s endowed beauty,
Again it would smile through the bright autumn sunshine,
Again it would be blessed to embrace life!!!

Happy 4th Birthday!!!

Happy happy and a very very happy birthday to my baby! We didn’t even realize that you would be four years old until the calendar struck 14th September,2017. My little bundle of joy, hope, dreams and aspirations has crossed the toddler trots, has successfully achieved all the growth milestones, completed the immunization record, qualified the preschool screening tests and getting herself ready for the kindergarten!!!! Has time really flew away?  Or am I still stuck in the baby room until now?? It’s hard to believe that you are turning four !

The baby room gradually transitioned into a room full of toys( puzzles,cars, dolls, pretend kitchen sets, princess castles,soft toys, piano etc etc this list could go on!), walls of the room with alphabet stickers , pictures of number trains , shapes , colors …. even this list could go on ! ……. Chalks , pencils, markers , glitters ,crayons, sketch pens…… I never knew these could make houses terribly messy, but had to embrace both childhood and cleaning agents!! ☺️😬.
Sometimes you come to me with your face,hands and legs all painted with sketches and markers. Not sometimes, actually many a times or probably a million times !!🙄 Being a full-time mom , my day starts when you wake up and my tiring yet happy day ends when you say goodnight …. The series of cartoon pictures / videos you watch, the hundreds of characters you pretend to be and act, you speak about them all day ….they are the only episodes our TV set is permitted to show 😉. Peppa pig, George,PJ Masks, Octonauts, Ben and Holly, Pocoyo, Firemen Sam etc etc even this list could be endless!.. I don’t need to tell you bedtime stories, rather I listen stories from you on these topics!

It was very easy to answer when  your preschool teacher asked me about your strengths. I enjoy our park time when we play outside together. A scared mom still encourages her toddler to climb the higher frames  and go to the highest one ; singing the tune , swing high…… swing low !! I would always be there  to cater to your demand —-” higher higher , push me higher mom”. You are a very smart and adventurous kid , intelligent and careful too , probably only while sitting in the car. You would never miss shouting ….” stop ! Look there’s the red signal!” Red means stop!! 

My purse got replaced with the “diaper bag”, which literally contained my ‘ heart’. I might forget a thousand things , but would never dare to forget packing your lunchbox, water bottle or an extra pair of clothes! You awestruck us with your conversations, statements; you puzzle us with your questions especially when you watched ‘Baahubali 2’ and you amaze us with your cuteness. It was the first movie you watched in Hindi 😊. You have been the object for papa’s photography and the subject for mamma’s write-ups !

Your birthday every year is the celebration event for us . Choosing your dress, accessories, hairband and bracelet wakes up the designer 😬 within your mom. Today , you can choose   the theme for your birthday and you are eagerly waiting for your friends. Most importantly, you made me a person who would frantically look for immediate solutions ….. Like , now I look for washable crayons , now I re-route my car not as per GPS, but according to roads that don’t have toys@rus or McDonalds on their way! 😉
I termed ‘egg bhurji’ as scrambled eggs, I termed chicken fritters as ‘ popcorn chicken ‘, and I termed stuffed parathas as ‘ pizza’😜 not only to cheat you but feed you ‘ healthy ‘ as well . All the motherly concerns , 😂… hope you’d understand as you grow up!! Although these tricks don’t work anymore , I am trying to find out some other  tricky solutions. Sometimes , the huge number of gifts 🎁 showered upon you make me jealous . We make mutual agreements to share chocolates, don’t we ??☺️

We would always pray for your well being , happiness and success. I would advise you to live your own dreams , live a life for yourself , believe in your thoughts and action and achieve your aspirations. Whenever you would want to look back to your childhood , you can always turn up to these pages of my diary. These would have all the memories , sweet stories of your childhood, love of grandparents and guidance of your parents ! The pages might have turned yellow by then, but would always bring smile on your face !!!

Happy birthday baby ,

From mamma, papa and your lovely family…

The 5-minute sleep!!! …… Guess it !!

Never forget to religiously set,
never welcome when we get,
don’t just like it , when it wakes,
moments seem heavenly , if escaped ;

An ambitious dreamer, heart feels,
A meticulous planner, mind echoes😜,
The perfect time to start a day,
A lot to be done , you know anyway;

snooze, snooze, a few minutes more ,
a few more , five , fifteen or twenty-four,
Oh! stop now !! it’s enough of curtailing,
on my way , weaving a sweet dream;

Pain seems to be fade, fairy tales made
Those precious minutes seem idyllic,
Feel refreshed, both body and mind,
The significance of time, until realized;

Somewhere within , desperately knocks,
The forgone plan and the poignant thoughts,
Morning classes amiss, morning strolls turn,
Into what is actually labeled , a marathon!!

Oh Tea! My favorite cup, cool down !!
Dont you see , I am in a rush,
Breakfast table , set inside the bus,
Nothing seem in place , lunchbox, shoes and socks !!!

Who we are, you never care,
never knew , you’re so crucial ;
Stopped you , slept more an hour ,
missed a hundred marks and the morning shower !

The 5- minute sleep, no less precarious,
Pardon us , late entry into auditoriums;
Left unanswered, papers numerous,
Framed excuses piled up for the boss;

You teach us the worth of time,
You wake us up and we live our dream,
How sincerely are you determined,
To rescue us from the 5-minute sleep!!!

A Rainy day !!!

The sky gowned with foggy clouds,Not all dark or black , but loud ;
The grayness that obscures the sun ,
Makes the breeze chill , and that’s the fun !!!

Float in the air, seem to have wings;
gets mightier with time, as they swing,
Carries the pride away, before the fall;
Signifies humbleness and modesty , above all;;

Earth wears a blanket, clammy and damp,
A soothing drizzle keeps the calm,
Slippery and dank, the passers-by woe,
The photographer ‘s lens hope a rainbow ;;

“Rainy days” been topics to painters and poets,
Around the world, across continents,
The drops of blessings and songs to movies ,
Showery themes , dancing around trees!!!

Children with the umbrellas and coats, utmost fun,
Paper boats , muddy puddles and what none!
Kids happy for the ” rainy days off” ,
If thunders and school bells ring along !!!

The spells of magic , as they cast,
Answers the farmer’s honest prayer,
Emanates the cologne of his sweat ,
The petrichor smells sweeter , as it gets wet !

A snare for the foodies , as the day passes,
Wait for evenings with the tea and fries ;
Green is then the color , ripples in the lakes, round and round ;
Fragrance of the newly blooms embalms, all around !!!!

Timeframe of CHANGE! !??!!

The change implies continuity .When certain norms or practices are modified , we use the term ‘ change’ .. Does’ change ‘ has any timeframe ?? How long is change expected to take ?? The change can be good or bad , desirable or undesirable, progressive or degressive and could be beneficial or derogatory. Now, how could we determine it and how long would it take for the ‘ real change ‘ !! Definitely, the dimensions with which we could measure ‘change ‘ would depend on ideals , nature , present prevailing socio-politico- economic-religious scenario.
The ‘ status of women’ is one of those critical milestones our society has been striving to achieve .We have seen exemplary icons of reform and social changes like Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Annie Besant etc … whose preaching and efforts brought an end to many social evils like sati system etc ; sociologists have made detailed studies and have formulated various theories on the direction of change , factors of change and areas of change . But the same society has been facing heinous acts of crime , rapes , emane foeticide, female molestations , dowry deaths, domestic violence against women, workplace discriminations and partiality in each and every aspect .

A girl struggles for her own birth , her own rights , her own independence, her self-esteem , struggles to prove her own choices …. why ?? How long will the change take ? How long will it take for our society to realize and practically practice status equality ?? When will girls be out of fear , when will they feel safe ?? When will the society stop staring at the length of their skirts and be judgemental about her character ? When a female child takes birth , the society doesn’t seem interested to celebrate, why ?? What are the social stereotypes that even differentiates a newborn ?? When a girl grows up , we want her to be cultured, well behaved and well mannered . By this , we actually mean that she should be quiet and accept every thing that comes her way, she cannot stand for herself, she cannot keep her words , she cannot speak up her heart, she cannot compete with boys of her age and has to limit herself to the limits set by the society . So basically being well groomed and well cultured means subservient submission. Why ??

When she tries to take up a profession, we have a catalogue from which she has to choose . She doesn’t get a nod for jobs that demand night shifts , long hours at office , jobs that demand adventure and courage . Her dreams don’t get the needed support. Who determines that ?? Why ?? Comes to marriage , the so- called marriageable age is predecided and followed by our society . A girl unmarried at the age of 30 is looked upon as a negative example , but why ?? How long will it take to change ? When will we understand that marriage is completely her deceision and her choice. …. In the marriage and having – kids arena, people don’t stop peeping into personal issues of the families also. When will we treat both the sexes same and stop praying for a boy child ?? When will we stop thinking that boys are all born great and can achieve anything in this world ??

There are workplace discriminations also which affects and demoralizes women . When the ability is not explored , when effort goes unrecognized or unrewarded , it’s obvious that a talented mind also gets discouraged. When it comes to sharing responsibilities at home , it’s always the duty of the lady of the house ! Why can’t men share it too ?? When will we accept that men can work at home too , they can share the household responsibilities and they can even take care of the kids ! ? When will the girl’s parents live with the same dignity, would have the same respect that is always enjoyed by a boy’s parents ?? When will a girl have the same right of say in the family , in the city, in the country ??

Books say ” The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world ” . History sets the examples of Rani Lakshmi Bai, Sarojini Naidu and Mother Teresa … but what’s the basis of the societal rules that are set ?? A girl feels unsecured to travel alone , parents get worried if she returns late because of the numerous heinous incidents that occur frequently . How long will it take for our society to understand that we are also meant to stay in the society, to live on this society with high self esteem and dignity , do our respective jobs and live with peace . A coherent dependency on one another would make the earth a heaven for us . Mutual respect and acceptance would make evenryone’s life easier and would set a stage for a better living which would be nothing less than a gift for our future generations!!

Lots of things run down the mind when I think and write about the social change we are waiting for . It gives me the courage to be fight for our rights and our privileges . If we could pioneer various ways to tackle this and expedite the practice of change , our daughters would find our society a safe and better place , or else these social evils would hamper their progress too .This piece of blog is not to offend anyone , not to insult anyone , but to lay down the questions that come across our minds each day ! Many unanswerable questions walk side by side , walk along us when we gradually cross stages in our lives , when we gradually get older , get to various phases from being a daughter, sister , wife , mother …. and everyday we keep exploring answers , options ad the only expectation of change !! Really , don’t know or rather I would say’ not sure of’ the TIMEFRAME of CHANGE ….

Johny johny Yes Papa !!! 

Three days before , a friend of mine pinged an audio recording of her son in our WhatsApp group . This has become an appreciative platform to share the cuteness of our kids . Recorded audio, videos of new activities as our babies grow up , the cuteness of the whole childhood seems to be captured in those few moments! She had recorded her two year old baby boy singing the tune of the most famous nursery rhymes of all times ” Johny Johny Yes papa!!”How cute do the words sound when the Two year olds speak . The words just depict innocence , cuteness and can fulfill heart with happiness . Children are gifts of god , definitely. The moment I heard it , my memory just flashed back to 1.5 yrs when my daughter was a two year old . I had video recorded the same episode. I searched through my media gallery and send it to her . I thought probably every parent must have recorded these moments , lovable baffling letters and words of kids .Technology has blessed us to capture these moments forever . Whenever I feel like watching those videos , those despeartively cute moments , I just cannot resist myself from doing it . Kids grow too fast … we all wish them to be clinched to childhood !!!!

Through these nursery rhymes , I relive my childhood …. the sparkling white pages of nursery books get active in memory cells …. The nursery teachers , primary school teachers , school, playgrounds, pictures of classrooms get refreshed at once …. . Though we have crossed years of the journey, struggling , working and successfully celebrating our life , these kids come as the bundles of joy who have the ability to make us revisit memories, reassess life, re-analyse Do’s and Don’ts and definitely re-live .

We get to know us and our inner self better each day . We get brave , courageous and stronger each day as we drop them at daycare , as we allow them to play with other kids independently, as we watch them fall and hurt themselves… and still we have to say ” you are a brave child , see nothing’s happened, okay .. go go go and play “!! We have to watch that they don’t get demotivated , we have to give them the chance to lift themselves up after each fall … we constantly keep us monitored that we do well as a parent . We have to teach them discipline,expectation and different perspectives to see “life” . Still , we have to teach them how to stand up for themselves ! Are the concepts of life so easy ?? Are they mentioned anywhere as chapters in textbooks?? Are there any classes or tutoring sessions for it ?? ” NO” … We have to inculcate everything ‘good’ within our children . That’s the expectation, that’s the effort , that’s parenting , Isn’t it ??

So, eventually we grow ourselves; we improve ourselves; and evolve a better person each day . We grow intellectually , we handle stubbornness of our child in a more tricky way , we become more informed about the surrounding and its effects , we scrutinize tv channels to choose the best for our kid … After being a parent only , I could better   understand the perspective of my parents. I could realize their pain, concern and happiness even better !! We learn and grow with  our children !! They are the real gifts of god !!!!